What is the purpose of this site ?
The purpose of this site is to manage information about our ancestors, to identify and distribute that information for all Nepal Families spread across the globe. This site may everyone view and contribute on this effort. It is trying to be available with most up to date information and events among Nepal Families.
What is this information based on ?
Most of the information is based upon the first Nepal bansawali book published in 2045 B.S. "Kaushikadi Santati (Nepal Tharko Bansawali)" by Purna Prakash Nepal Yatree, some information from "Nepal Bansadarpan" by Lok Nath Nepal published in 2061. Entries made after that date is collected by admin and user submited data.
How do I search information on the record and add ?
In the Home Page of the site you can see the Search tab. If you click in the tab and Hit the Enter Key without entering any letter you will see the alphabetical name list with their father's name, mother's name and Address, where as if you entered any specified alphabet or a name you will get specific name list only. You may search your Name to see is it already there? If it is not there, you need to search to find your parents for which data exists. If there is a chance to spell some other like (Binod)Vinod, (Bishnu) Vishnu, Bisnu, Visnu or Thaneshwor ( Sthaneshwor ) etc., if the name starts in common letter and differs in the end please Enter first common letters only. In this case you can search by the letter "S" only like (Shushila) susila,shusila,sushila and do not enter Middle Name. If you click the advanced search tab you can search by different options, like Date of birth or Person ID or Generation number or Address, or Email Address, or by Name also. Father should be added on family tree before children. Once you find your parent's data click on "Submit info " link and add your information.
What is Family Position ?
Family Position is the serial no of children ( Brothers / Sisters). Family position of Son Type and Daughter Type is separatly Counted. If there are four children 2 sons and 2 daughters, Their Family position of 1st son and 1st daughter will be 1 whether the position of 2nd son and 2nd daughter will be 2 .
How we can find relationship with each other ?
Click on the tab Find relationship Enter desired any one Person ID in the First Blank tab & then Enter any other or your won person ID in the next tab and press enter Key or Click on the third tab you will get the result or massage. Same generation represents as a Relation of Brother and Sister, Upper Generation shows as Father or Uncle, Lower Generation for Son or Daughter. If you entered uncompairable Person ID you will see a massage. In-law type relatives are uncompairable persons.
I know more generations of my branch but I could not connect them. How can you help me ?
Talk to the person(s) whom you believe may have additional information and if you don't still get anywhere, Click here to submit informations, or Mail your informations to the administrator they may be able to help for you.
How do I add more information than existing spaces allowed for that person, while entering detail about a person ?
Have that information store somewhere mail to the admin@nepalbansawali.com . You don't have to do it while adding a person, you can always come in submit info page and add the information in "Extra information Section".
What is "Brief info" is used for? What information I put in there ?
You can tag a person by something known about that person. If someone is a movie star, you can tag him as a "hero" or "film star", Similarly, a medical doctor can be tagged as "Doctor" . Think about something "Special" about that person other people may know.